The experience

De Pablo a Violeta

A tour to traditions, culture, dances and cuisine.  A trip through Chilean identity. This is what De Pablo a Violeta offers you, the first “Dinner Show” of Chile staging a select sample of local and popular expressions in an exclusive and world class event.

An old heritage house is home of De Pablo a Violeta, in the heart of Bellavista neighbourhood. For many years, it was the headquarters of La Morada Association, but now it is fully adapted to host more than 200 visitors looking for an authentic multi-sensory experience through flavours, sounds, aromas, colours and emotions of Chile’s rich and diverse geography.

Just like Tango shows in Buenos Aires, De Pablo a Violeta is an artistic project of international proportions, that explores the main cultures living in Chile, such as the Altiplano brotherhoods, the Festivity of La Tirana, the mysticism of Chiloe Island and the stories of the Mapuche people, to name but a few. The inner theatre is especially equipped for people to dine and watch the show.