The food


It is a special place. The highlight is the barbecue where all meats are grilled, either with charcoal or wood. The barbecue invites you to get closer to the fire with the sound of the guitar and accordion. By the fire, we dance with the singers that seduce with their voice.

La Comida1
La Comida3
La Comida2

Welcome cocktail

“Quincho” de Pablo”

Fresh local fish, with the Pacific charms

Chiloe Island oysters in limonette sauce

South Pacific Scallops on their half shells with coral, basted with parsley and herbs

 ´Isla Negra Empanadas´ juicy and fresh from the coast

“Quincho” de Violeta

Patagonia lamb barbecue, slow roasted with aromatic hardwoods of our southern forest

 Ñuble ham hocks, pulled with touches of Merken (smoked native paprika)

 Arrollado Huaso, to share



Tasting for everybody, a bit of everything
Tartar of Southern King Crab, pickled lamb tongue and sautéed asparagus

Main Course

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Spit-roasted Patagonian lamb with sautéed potatoes from Chiloé
Soft stew of conger-eel: Neruda’s very own recipe
Southern King Crab casserole au gratin with Parmesan cheese,
served in a traditional clay pot from the village of Pomaire

Violeta’s Desserts – Tasting

A Chilean classic: cold “mote con huesillo”: cooked husked wheat
and stewed dried peach
“Leche asada”: Chilean crème caramel, baked directly in the oven
Rice pudding

*Unlimited Drinks (wines, sparkling wines, beers, soft drinks, juice, water and drinks with Pisco but not others spirits)