The show

De Pablo a Violeta is the first international “Dinner Show” in Chile. The event goes through the main cultures living in Chile, such as the Altiplano brotherhoods, the Festivity of La Tirana, the mysticism of Chiloe Island and the stories of Mapuche people and the dances from Easter Island, to name but a few. The inner theatre is specially equipped for dinner and watching the show.

There are 3 different ticket prices depending on the tier chosen within the theatre.  For a fixed amount, guests are greeted by actors, musicians and dancers who perform typical songs belonging to each region of the country, while they taste empanadas from artisanal bakers and a glass of Chilean wine, next to a large fire with a spit-roasted lamb from the Magellan Region, that has been slowly cooking for 5 hours.

The artistic show is directed by the renowned Chilean actor Daniel Muñoz, a modern and innovative performance that keeps roots and traditions on stage.

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