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El Show_de pablo a violeta

Barrio Bellavista

Bellavista is the place to be for anyone who wants to go out for drinks and try the capital’s nightlife. It was in 1955, when the Chilean Nobel Prize Pablo Neruda arrived into an old mill that would later on become La Chascona house. The area caught the attention of artists and intellectuals. Nowadays the streets with colourful facades and diverse styles have been transformed into restaurants, bars, shops and theatres, where you get immersed into a bohemian and cultural atmosphere.

During the day and when Bellavista has a calmer pace, La Chascona is a must visit place. One of the three houses Neruda had and that are currently museums. There are two more, one  in Isla Negra and one in Valparaiso and they are managed by the Foundation that bears his name. This house is situated at the top of Marquez De La Plata Street and it has three floors in different levels with a small circuit of stairs.

La Casa Gris

The house that hosts De Pablo a Violeta is an example of the architecture used in the first buildings in Chile: adobe, with 90 centimetre- wide walls, wooden floor and ceilings and lattice in doors and windows.The above added to the new building, where a theater built to create the best atmosphere of the experience, perfectly complement the visitors’ journey.

With just over 100 years, the structure of the house has survived earthquakes thanks to the durability of its materials.

The house hosted for several years the Corporación de Desarrollo de la Mujer La Morada, organisation focused on promoting rights and equality of women in society that played an active role in the restoration of democracy in Chile.

Today De Pablo a Violeta lives in La Casa Gris, but you can also go to your company or place of celebration.

El Show_de pablo a violeta